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Go: Interim management, Idea assessment and Training

Interim management



Is your organisation in need of temporary management help, like


- Leadership and motivation of IT teams

- Strengthening or re-building bridges between business areas and the IT function

- Management of your project or program portfolio

- Crisis management, help during restructuring/re-organisations

At Define-Create-Go we offer IT Management, Project and Program Management services  on an interim basis, for full-time or part-time assignments, either on site or remote.


Idea assessment



Acknowledging that 'traditional brainstorm sessions' leave you with a 'list of things you could do' but no actionable results, we take our sessions further, leaving you with a few well defined ideas or concepts that you can work with and bring to life.

We can also assist you with further research to test the acceptance of your ideas and select the best ones to take further.


If you struggle to grasp/assess how your key competitors will react to your ideas in the market, our Key Competitor Workshops can also help you assess potential reactions you could get. These can be combined with an assessment of your intellectual property and strategic thinking on how to best protect your ideas.


Creative Thinking


Creative Problem Solving & Design Thinking are ways of thinking that you can use day to day.


They are proven methods for approaching a challenge in an innovative way, helping people (individually or in teams) to redefine the problem in front of them, come up with breakthrough ideas and follow these through into action.


With design thinking we try to solve wicked problems or identify new opportunities using the tools and mindsets taught in Design Schools.

Design thinking is iterative, a creative process based around the 'building up' of ideas.

It is a thinking approach that stresses consumer inspiration and imagining the 'what might be possible'.

Design thinking leverages 'doing' to think, via 'low resolution' prototyping to engage users in dialogue.


Want to bring this into your organisation? We offer hands-on training where we take you and your team through the principles of Creative Thinking.


Going solo - Research & creative thinking training


Want to give your organization the tools and techniques for hands-on creativity at work?


We can give training to individuals and organizations on the use of research methodologies and creative thinking techniques.


Our training portfolio includes:






Qualitative Research


We offer qualitative research training, teaching individuals or teams the basic skills needed for successful research.


Not sure how to set-up your discussion guide, how to ask questions or who to talk to? Our trainings are full of tips & tricks and the dos & don´ts to set you and your team up for successful research.

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