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About Tanya


What do I offer?


Design and facilitation of creative workshops, for which I use a variety of methodologies like the Creative Problem Solving Process (method taught by the Creative Problem Solving Institute), Design Thinking (method used at Design Schools and top creative agencies), LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® (an innovative, experiential process designed to enhance business performance) and Business Model Canvas (a strategic management tool).


What else? A passion for a thorough, in-depth understanding of consumers and customers! I help teams with qualitative research like in-depth interviews, focus group moderation, ethnographical research (in-home visits, shop along, …) and product and service evaluation.


And more? I am also a strong believer that knowledge should be shared, not kept locked-up in a drawer or somebody’s brain. So for those interested I am keen to give training to individuals and teams on consumer research fundamentals, creative workshop design & facilitation.

Not sure how I could help you? How about this:


For teams that need to dig deep, define consumer needs, the issues your consumers/customers are dealing with, I can help to define research plans, run and analyse qualitative research and define insights. Once consumer needs are defined, I can guide organisations through innovation workshops, using various ideation techniques like CPS, Design Thinking, Business Model Canvas etc. to translate consumer needs into new product concepts/ideas.

When you have the idea, new product you want to further develop, I can guide your team through concept development and product communication workshop. And help them with their journey on product findability/communication in store.


Does your team, your company need help on organisational matters? I have various techniques in my portfolio, including Lego® Serious Play®, that I can offer to help with organisational analysis, landscaping and strategy development.


Are you part of a Market Research or Design agency that does all (or part) of the above? Well, look at me as extra capacity for qualitative research, with the bonus that I can take research into further ideation and testing.


Still not convinced? Think of me as an extra pair of eyes, a different view on the work in front of you. A neutral, unbiased partner for research and ideation, for fast results. A network of resources for research & ideation in Dutch & English, for Europe & beyond. A toolbox of techniques, methodologies, expertise that gets tailored to your specific needs as a client!


Not sure if “just” one person can help you with your project, the opportunities you have in front of you? No worries … Yes, I work independently, but not on my own. When needed I can tap into my network of like-minded souls to bring in extra capacity for research, design and/or facilitation!

What experience and qualifications do I have?


My experience comes from 20+ years of work in consumer research, product innovation and facilitation. From a qualifications point of view it all started with a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering… I can’t say I’m doing much with it lately, but depending on the client’s problem we are dealing with, knowing how the chemistry works still comes in handy.


My training in qualitative consumer understanding comes from the Market Research Society in London (Qualitative Research and Focus Group moderation), from Olson Zaltman Associates (ZMET) and years of training on the job.


Regarding workshop design and facilitation, I started working as creative session designer in 2002, when I was part of Procter & Gamble’s Corporate Prototyping & Package Design team. As part of this team I introduced experiential innovation workshops around the globe, helping teams with various R&D problems.

I had the fortune of working with some very creative minds that were at the cradle of innovative creative problem solving, this allowed me to start the European GYM, an IDEO inspired ideation and innovation capability in 2006. I my role as creative consultant I led a variety of workshops for teams across all P&G’s business units in Europe.

Apart from the 10+ years training on the job, I have followed courses in Design Thinking, Creative Problem Solving (CPSI), Lego® Serious Play® and Business Model Canvas ideation.

CAN I HELP YOU? Are you interested in working with me? Let's have a chat !

Email or call +32 473 92 80 23.

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