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Create: Creative workshops for a variety of topics

Winning in today’s market requires not only breakthrough innovation but also increased productivity. At Define-Create-Go we can design and run hands-on innovation experiences, engaging your team in customised creative workshops, to generate great ideas in a short amount of time.


Based on your needs, we customise workshop experiences, applying Creative Problem Solving and Design Thinking techniques to arrive at creative solutions for the opportunities in front of you.


To give you a flavour, you can find here below some of our popular workshop offerings.

Product Innovation



Not sure what your next product innovation should be, what the most relevant novelty for your consumer and customer could be?


With consumer and shopper knowledge in hand, we take your team through action-oriented workshops to get you to new product ideas, conceptually defining your next innovation, leveraging consumer and shopper insights and technical breakthrough.

Strategic Innovation



Struggling with a team to put their noses in the same direction or just not clear where you want to go next?


We can design and facilitate strategic innovation workshops, where we define and align the future of your project, your team, your company together.

Two mehodologies we have been qualified on that are very helpful in this area are LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® (an innovative, experiential process designed to enhance business performance) and Business Model Canvas (a strategic management tool).

If you'd like to have more info on one of these - please get in touch!

Commercial Innovation



You have a new product idea or product in the market, but struggle to see how you can best talk about it, how you can exploit it in a new, different way for months or years to come?


We can design and facilitate commercial innovation workshops, where we can work together to find inspiring, creative, relevant ways to talk about your product, so your customer gets it and is interested in buying it.

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