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Not clear what your consumers & customers are really looking for?


We believe that a thorough understanding of  consumer & customer needs, an appreciation of the problems they are dealing with and the compensations they are making accordingly, are essential to inspire creativity and find great ideas.


To define consumer/customer needs, we offer help with Qualitative Research. Our research capabilities cover in-depth interviews, focus group moderation, ethnographic research (in-home visits, shop-along,...) and product or service evaluation.


Once the research is done, we can set-up Insight Discovery Workshops, in which we help you to translate your research learnings into ready-to-use insights. These are the starting points to get to inspiring propositions, experiences that make sense to people (products, delivery systems, communication,…)

Define: Problem Definition, Consumer Understanding & Insights Finding

​Stuck on a project, not clear what the right opportunity is for you,
how to best move forward?


At Define-Create-Go we can design and facilitate Problem Definition Workshops where we take you and your team through custom designed exercises. In these sessions we dig deep, take a 360 degree view on the problem and pinpoint what the real, most important, most relevant opportunities are to go after. 


Remember: A problem well defined is a problem half solved!

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