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DCG Tools & Techniques, Thoughts & Inspiration

A bit on expertise & techniques and a lot on passion, what inspires me!

Hello and welcome to the DCG Articles page!

There are a few things I would like to try out on this page:


One thing I’d like to do here is to give you more details on some of the methodologies I have been trained on. Not as a “look at all the certifications on my wall”, a bragging set of articles… but more as inspiration for you all.

Secondly I’d like to share my passion for reading and collecting books and share some articles on creative techniques I’ve used.  

That is to get started – we might also get to workshop (war) stories, anecdotes of a homeworker, … who knows... So a page to keep an eye on, a page that will evolve over time!


DCG Expertise, inspiring methodologies I have been trained on:

As researcher and facilitator, part of my experience comes from years of working in the field. The other part from inspiring training sessions I followed. Here is a selection you might find interesting:


Value Proposition Design & Business Model Canvas:

A. Osterwalder’s Business Model Generation book is an inspiring, easy to read book that I have used as inspiration for several workshop the past years, with teams that were interested in looking at alternative business model scenarios.

To take it a step further, I recently attended a train the trainer session on Value Proposition Design & Business Model Canvas given by Flanders District of Creativity (Flanders DC).

Value Proposition Design & Business Model Canvas are great hands-on sessions in which various questions can be addressed. For example, if you want to:

  • Map out and better understand your current business model

  • See what alternatives you could come up with to boost your business

  • Define where you want to be in a few years time

  • Or want to optimise your value proposition for a certain customer segment

Combined with thorough consumer work and inspiring case studies they are great ideation methods. Want to learn more? Just let me know!

DCG's passion for books and articles of all sorts:

Where inspiration comes from!

I blame it on the job, but probably it is just due to my character…  Fact is, I have a habit of collecting things, materials that “could be useful for a workshop one day”. This goes from books to articles, brochures, you name it… Most of it bought or collected at conferences and bookstores specialised in creative methodologies and/or business topics.

What I’ve realised however is that it doesn’t always have to be that complex to find inspiration, it can come from different sources that can be as simple as a weekly women’s magazine. A few years ago Libelle magazine gave a free “Goede voornemens boekje” (little book with New Year’s resolutions). Not more than an A6 size leaflet with thoughts on what you could do differently in the New Year. Simple lists of things like “10 places to visit this year”, “3 questions you finally want an answer to”, …  As said, a little leaflet, the type of freebie you could easily throw away, but this time I didn’t….

It happened to be the right inspiration at the right time:  I was looking for exercises and templates to give to participants as pre-work for a session, this little book just helped to make it all a bit more inspirational! Here are some pics of the leaflet and how we used it as inspiration for our session – not rocket science, just a more engaging way to bring existing techniques to life!


Folks that participated in one of the Innovation Village workshop might still remember this :-)

​PS - Keep an eye on this page! More articles will follow soon!
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