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Define-Create-Go is a Belgium-based consultancy, specialised in creative thinking, workshop design & facilitation, IT management and project & program management.


With 25 years of experience and passion in consumer research, product innovation, creative workshop design and  facilitation we can help you with tools and techniques to gain knowledge, discover insights & opportunities, generate new ideas, solve problems and make new connections. 

Our expertise in business relationship management, solution delivery & project management, people management and change management in the regulated pharmaceutical industry are an asset to any sector.

At Define-Create-Go we offer a wide range of creative capabilities, but realising that different clients have different needs, we custom design our approach to the specific requirements of our clients.


Together we look at where you are and where you want to be. This will lead to a unique plan for research, ideation or management consultancy.


Interested to talk, see if there are opportunities to work together?


Please call: +32 15 34 40 38, or e-mail:


Looking forward to hearing from you soon!




- Opportunity/Problem definition

- Consumer understanding

- Insights finding




- Technical innovation

- Conceptual/commercial innovation

- Strategic innovation




- Interim management

Idea assessment


- Training


Graaf Cornetstraat 77, 1981 Hofstade, Belgium  |  |  +32 473 92 80 23

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